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Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:California, United States of America
NOTE: This bio and information is C&P'd from the Bison_ate_mycar Livejournal account.



Ok, so here's the deal. I spent the summer of 2006 working in Yellowstone National Park and it was (for the most part) pretty damn awesome. The people I worked with were all awesome and on my days off I was out having a blast on all of my days off. I took a ton of photos and this LJ [personal profile] bison_ate_mycar was created as a place to share some of my adventures.

My last entry was made on September 9, 2006 and I sort of never got around to updating it again. Fast forward to 2009 and I notice that suddenly a bunch of my LJ friends are creating graphics and icons journals. Since I'm into photography and graphic design I decided to do that myself.

But why create a new one when I had this lovely [personal profile] bison_ate_mycar just sitting here waiting for me to remember it?

So. There you have it. (And if you're wondering about the name of this journal - it started as a bit of a joke. Bison pretty much run free in Yellowstone and cause traffic jams in the road. No, really. IF you've never been you wouldn't know - but if you have a heard of Bison (many of which can get to the size of a small car*) standing in the road and you're in your car ... you and your car aren't moving until those Bison move.)

I am pleased to announce that this journal is now affiliated with [personal profile] rizny. She makes various LJ icons, banners, LJ headers, wallpapers, and other assorted graphics. Go check out her LJ - she's very talented! :D
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